Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trip to Ligonier, PA for Fort Days

The weekend before last, I made the excursion out with my boyfriend, Paul, to his home in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, in order to enjoy the annual Fort Days [festival] that takes place in the quaint little town. His buddies from his architecture classes also tagged along, so it was great fun hanging out with them and then meeting Paul's Ligonier friends.

saturday was the fort days parade; it was packed, even though it was raining and cold! You can't see them well, but there was a division of historically-accurate clothed soldiers. The second picture is us leaving the first day -- the sun finally came out!

On our second day, the sun was out and it was above freezing temperatures. The pagoda was my favorite part of the entire town, which exemplified it's brick motif and traditional styling.

I was on a hunt to find eighteenth-century-dressed folk, who had been running around in all colors and sizes. There is one particularly morose example in the second picture -- the first is of Paul, patiently posing in front of the gorgeous Catholic Church with his hot (but in actuality, very cold) cider.

The yellow-clad girl looked at me strangely after my phone made it's picture-taking sound. And Paul had to endure a history lesson from the older woman so I could get a picture of her.

The best picture, however, is right here: I kid you not. Chocolate covered bacon.

Paul drove through the backroads of Ligonier (avoiding the hysteria of Ford Days) so that we could stop at Pittsburgh for a little sight seeing. Ligonier is absolutely gorgeous; I took a million pictures of the scenery.

A picture of downtown Pittsburgh. The second picture is of CMU, with some gorgeous building (name/location unknown). The sun and clouds make it all so picturesque.

This one here, similarly, was just a part of the general campus ambience that was admired as we made our way to the Cathedral of Learning. That's the Cathedral's common room -- how cool is that?! They call it a common room. tee hee.

Just some art hanging out in a closed atrium. Why can't kent have that?! oh, and the second picture is Paul with a huge dinosaur -- except I totally had to zoom in and snap a picture of him hitting his head against the dinosaur's cement chest.

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  1. wow you came to Pittsburgh. I've lived here most of my life and would only ever move if it was to someplace really really good, like Paris. The picture you list as being downtown is actually the college neighborhood of Oakland. Next time you are in Pittsburgh you should visit the Andy Warhol museum.