Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TRACY's POST: Sixth Day.. a hypocrite's post

Because of a stubborn wariness towards the plaid trend, I have very few plaid items in my closet. This dress is one of three, and I bought it solely because of it's cut and price. Despite the pink plaid, I love this dress. I'm convinced it'll transition well into fall fashion.

See those shoes? I swear, I haven't taken those things off since I bought them.

What do you guys think about plaid? Love it, or hate it?

Dress: Gabriel Brothers
Shoes: Naturalizer (Famous Footwear)


  1. Hi Tracy, nice skirt. I'm looking for a checkered skirt now but hardly find one that I like. Your skirt's color is bright and nice!


  2. I actually don't care much for plaid at all... to me it reeks of 90s grunge or Catholic schoolgirl skirts. But your skirt is very cute, I would consider wearing that one! :)

  3. I'm over plaid just because of the shear glut of it. Having said that, I DO really like that dress on you. I think I like it because of the color palette and that it's simply done.