Monday, September 14, 2009

TRACY'S POST: Fourth Day (...yes, I wear gladiators)

Kelly has an eye for these random murals in downtown Kent, so off we go to this little coffee shop where people were sitting not ten feet from us. I was terrified someone would catch us (catch us taking pictures..? I know, I know, it’s a strange paranoia), and also mildly concerned about our illegally parked car. We were done in two minutes, tops.
For the record, the coffee shop was not five stories. So, therefore, the mural was maybe thirty feet tall (Strangely enough, Kelly will be the only one of us passing Calculus this year).
Dress: On the sale rack last year at Target, I hacked off the bottom and used it this year on my family’s annual trip to the beach
Jacket: From Urban Outfitters (BDG?), found at Gabriel Brothers for $2.50
Belt: Vintage find...I love the cognac color
Shoes: r2, at DSW
Aviators: Aldo


  1. ha, that mural is fantastic! i love cool graffiti... and your dress is très très pretty!

  2. great look.
    i love your glasses and hair!

  3. I LOVE the print of the dress and the belt combination. Gorgeous.

  4. That mural is amazing! such a great backdrop! Love your bohemian look here!

  5. The mural is absolutely amazing!
    Nice photos.
    Thanks a lot for comment.
    Have a good day!

  6. gladiators are still great! nice jacket.

  7. Fun mural!! I LOVE your hair and outfit!