Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TRACY'S POST: I suffer through bangles because of this blog.

I don't mean to, but I hardly wear jewelry. I love necklaces, and earrings, and bangles, but sometimes I simply forget and can't be bothered (As a business major, I have to be careful about my outfits. People will call me out if they think I'm too dressed up for school.). I cannot stand those thin bracelets I'm wearing, however. They jingle, jangle, fall off, and generally just disturb the peace of anyone within a mile radius.

Kelly, on the other hand...

Black blouse: TJMaxx
Cardigan: Forever XXI
Pants: BDG
Shoes: Naturalizer


  1. meh. bangles are so pretty, but i feel like i'm going to a roller disco when i wear them.
    and you get called out?! wow.

  2. ooh, i love your shoes. <3 and i can't stand things around my wrists either. not hair elastics, or watches, or bracelets...

  3. your hair is amazing. i know what you mean about wearing bracelets, it can be inconvenient. and as for dressing up in school, WHO CARES!? I was a journalism major and I wore dresses and skirts and vintage brooches everyday. just do what you like. besides, i found that if i was a bit dressier I was less apt to slip down in the chairs at the library and pass out.

  4. Great look. That jacket is awesome. I hate noisy bangles and often take them off when I'm at my desk but I refuse to stop wearing them all the same haha

  5. Your hair is looking awesome in these pics!

  6. Adorable!! Love that cardigan so much!!