Monday, November 30, 2009

TRACY'S POST: Sometimes, the camera is your friend.

Considering how unruly my eyebrows truly were, sometimes (and only sometimes), the camera is your bff. That, paired with my increasingly Hermione-esque mane, lends to the miracle that is Kelly's camera. How I don't resemble Chewbacca is beyond me.

My all-time-FAVORITE blazer: UO (thrifted)
One-of-four-plaid-items-I-own blouse: Kimchi Blue (thrifted)
Random Payless heels, because I felt dicey that day.
Awesome socks: Walmart!


  1. You're more beautiful than Hermione, dear ;)!
    I love that blazer too!!

  2. love this look! i really love the shade of blue in that blouse :)

  3. Love this blazer and plaid combo...which reminds me I have a similar top with the same cut from Forever 21. I have to take it for a spin. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Just found your blog - great post/concept!
    We're followers. ;)
    Come check us out...

  5. This outfit is so cute!! I love that blazer and it looks awesome with the plaid shirt!!


    P.S. You never look bad in pictures- you are always so adorable.

  6. Nice blouse! I usually don't like this color, but here it looks really good ;)

  7. you look like "Kate" on Lost. I mean that in a good way.

  8. I love your hair! I'm jealous of the great volume :) Cute socks

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