Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TRACY's POST: eight days till calculus final.

Did you guys ever take math in college? Kelly and I are both taking the loathsome subject, though mine is a Business math class called "Intuitive" Calculus. What, in the good name of the English language, is intuitive about calculus?!

Coral top: Target
Turquoise tank: Charlotte Russe
Silk Scarf (Black Friday present from my mom!): Aria
Boots (Black Friday present from myself!): Aldo


  1. OMG! Yes I took math in college and hated every bit of it too! I know YOU will do exceptionally well on your CALCULUS exam so don't worry!
    p.s. YOU look solely GORGEOUS, I luv your scarf, it's BEAUTIFUL!:))

  2. I had a few math subjects back in college and I don't know how I was able to pass them. Hahaha!

    I love the burst of colors in your outfit Tracy.

  3. Your scarf is fabulous! I love how you matched the colors in your tops to it.

    Oh god, I am dreading that class. I need to take it over the summer. Good luck with your final!

  4. Like your outfit! Your hair is great :)

  5. Thankfully, I was done with math the same time I was done with high school. I hate math. Absolutely through and through.

    That scarf beautiful!

  6. good luck on your final! Your scarf is pure gorgeousness!


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  8. you look nice the scarf is fucking awesome!

  9. you guys are adorable! love your styles!!


  10. I love that color! brightens every wardrobe!

  11. First time ive come across your blog and I love this outfit, tit alls work so well together and esp love the scarf - amazing!

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    Also do you have a stand/tripod to take your pics? They look great. Or does someone take them for you? Im thinking I should invest in one.

    ps love your stlye

    Hannah xx